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rTrain is a professional training and consultancy firm and a licensed trainer and an authorized training partner for Arcitura. We have strong partnerships with leading organizations in the world who are considered experts in their respective fields. Our partners and trainers have proven relevant field experience and should demonstrate that they can apply the trained materials in the field. Due to this approach we are convinced that we deliver significant added value beyond the scope of the training materials.

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rTrain is based in the Netherlands and provides services across the world but focuses on North-America, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Australia. Do you wish to have an in-house training? Do you require a native trainer? Would you like to have a tailored training? Contact us to find one for you!

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rTrain's vendor-neutral training curriculum focuses on Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

rTrain offers a significant set of vendor-neutral professional certifications.

Why vendor-neutral training? Because we disagree with statements like "the more you know about a single vendor technology, the more you can do", "we can do lots of things because our vendor has many features", "we're good because our middleware has so many cool features" or "we can only go as fast as our vendor's road map".

Our philosophy is that you should know what you want to achieve first, then consider your options regarding how you wish to achieve it, and then choose the technologies that allow you to do just that wherever and whenever you see fit. By staying close to vendor-neutral industry standards, we can make sure that whatever vendor-technology you prefer, you can do it. And if you need to cross vendor-technologies or platform you should be able to do it and not end up with a complete make-over of your services and applications landscape. Even if at present you have no immediate need to work across vendors and disparate technologies, you should be able to in case you wanted to in the future. Your organization is as fast as your technology landscape can change - do not let your technology be the weakest link!

For Cloud Architecture we partner with Arcitura. 

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With our training services you can become a Certified Cloud Professional, which is the basis for a large group of individual certifications. Cloud Certified Professional training curriculum is one of the world's largest vendor-neutral cloud training curricula.

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For Service Oriented Architecture we partner with Arcitura.

Certified SOA Professional

With our training services you can become a Certified SOA Professional, which is the basis for a large group of individual certifications. SOA Certified Professional training curriculum is one of the world′s largest vendor-neutral SOA training curricula.

For Enterprise Architecture we partner with authorized training partners for The Open Group.

The Open Group is responsible for many 'open' and vendor-neutral initiatives. We focus on TOGAF and ArchiMate.

  • TOGAF, the mature Architecture Framework.

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We are aware that e-learning options exist for this training. But a solid Architecture training cannot be learned from a textbook or a slide-deck. Following this line of thought we only offer this training as an instructor-led training by trainers that have field experience and actually demonstrate that they can deliver TOGAF in the field. Our training partners will be able to address real-life issues during the training.

  • ArchiMate, the unified way of communicating.

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Cloud Certified Professional Curriculum

SOACP CurriculumSOA Certified Professional Curriculum

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